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:star:Just a collection of wonderful of Altars from many Neo-Pagan and Polytheistic traditions! :star:

love-love-love by KitLightning


:star: Collection of fantastic LGBT artworks from other deviants :star:

La love by Indae

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I haz none to show :(

Art Progress Status bar [BOWS] by SakuraMelodii

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:bulletpink: Working on reviving my art :D




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It's been what? Like 6 months since I was active here? Sorry 'bout that.  I have had a seriously hard......year. Just shit hit the fan and it hit it hard and living became a daily struggle Grr.  . I'm doing better now, but I will be headed to Morocco in a little less than a month^^; 

Prepare for some rambling OMG MOAR POEMS! 

I have many altars to share but I didn't get the chance to celebrate most of my religious holidays this year. So do expect altar photos La la la la 

I have been working on my own personal religion and beliefs and I think I have a sturdy foundation that I am now building off of and adding to. I haven't worked on it fully because, like I said, I have been barely able to do daily tasks. But having a solid foundation and many solid things. It means my personal religion is now more formalized. It's less about having to decide what everything is  and more about deciding what to do with the decisions/revelations I have made. I'll probably have to end up cleaning a lot of my old deviations up because I don't necessarily have the ideas written down there fully or they are outdated and I would prefer them to not be up. :shifty: 

For those interested, I simply call myself a "Polytheist" and that's it, no other modifiers. I prefer not to be called "pagan" or "neo-pagan" , I just don't consider myself one. Please don't take that as an offensive; I do not consider my self a reconstructionist, revivalist, member of the left hand path, a goddess worshiper, wiccan, or anything else that is heavily related. But I still love being part of all these communities because we are like cousins? I guess thats what I'd call it Meow :3 

I do have my own name for my religion. I have a language that has developed as I have developed my religion so the name for my religion in that language is Erida'El (“Eh-reed-ah L” though say it a bit faster). But there is a lot that goes into that so maybe another time! Nuu 

I also want to work on my drawing but I have lost a lot of skills and it isn't exactly a relaxing hobby (yet) so there is that. 

Sorry for the absence and sorry if it continues, I hope to get a few things up this month


deviantART ID

 photo awrawwrawr.jpg

:heart: ~ Michi ~ :heart:

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

:bulletpink: Pen Name: Michi

:bulletpink: Birthday: January 26

:bulletpink: Age: 20

:bulletpink: Sex: Female

:bulletpink: Sexual Orientation: Gay

:bulletpink: Race/Ethnicity: White & Latino / Dominican, French, & Irish

:bulletpink: Nationality: US Citizen

:bulletpink: Languages: American English, Learning Japanese

:bulletpink: Religion: Polytheist

:bulletpink: Political Views: Liberal? I guess my views align with social democracy in some aspects

:bulletpink: Education: High School Diploma ('13);
Currently- Bachelors of Science in International Studies with a Minor in Religion(’17)

:bulletpink: Occupation: Unemployed, License Emergency Medical Technician (NREMT-B)

:bulletpink: Relationship Status: Taken by Madam-Eve


:bulletorange: Rules and Regulations :bulletorange:

:bulletpink: I am setting out these rules because they have become necessary. I write about and upload many “controversial” things. I want people to feel safe. If I have an LGBT supportive art piece I do not need those struggling to accept themselves seeing negative hurtful comments.


:bulletblack: These rules apply to all comments on my page, deviations, and journals.
:bulletblack: If you break them you will be given one warning
:bulletblack: If you break them a second time (or leave multiple rule-breaking comments at once) you will be blocked.


:bulletred: Be respectful to people. Seriously just use some common sense.
:bulletred: This is a NO PROSELYTIZING ZONE. Meaning: No attempted conversions. No Preaching. No Harassment for religion views or lack thereof. This rule applies to Christians , Atheists, Pagans and everyone else.
:bulletred: This is an LGBT SAFE ZONE. No gay/bi/trans bashing , no bigoted opinions, do not compare LGBT to pedophiles, do not claim all LGBT where abused.
My deviations and journals are not meant for debates about whether being gay is a sin or if transgender/ nonbinary people exist. If you wish to “debate” such things please take it to the forums.
:bulletred: No insulting of me , someone else who commented , a third person, or a group of people as a whole.
:bulletred: No threatening of me , someone else who commented , a third person, or a group of people as a whole.


:bulletgreen: Please do share thoughts and opinions especially if they are teaching me something new!

If I wrote about my personal religion/faith what would you like to hear about? 

5 deviants said Your "moral code" and views of "sin"
4 deviants said What Gods you are devoted to or honor
3 deviants said Explanation on all the weird words you use (Eldar, Elsotem, Irita, etc)
3 deviants said Your view of myths
2 deviants said How you pray / types of prayers
1 deviant said More about the symbols you use (Already did Septagram but Pentacle, Ankh, and Flower of Life)
No deviants said A Sample Ritual


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Sep 27, 2015
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Sep 18, 2015
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