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:bulletpink: Well hello there! Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to look at the rest of my gallery, pretty pretty please ...with sugar on top!!! Pwease by hellspardon :bulletpink:

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Art Progress Status bar [BOWS] by SakuraMelodii

Status bar [BOWS] 0% by SakuraMelodii Not started
Status bar [BOWS] 25% by SakuraMelodii Sketching / Planning
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:bulletpink: Status bar [BOWS] 0% by SakuraMelodii LGBT Public Accommodations Map
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What are my watchers religions? (A list of 10 was hard so I did mostly categories, please feel free to clarify in comments, if you can't fit in any of these categories PLEASE leave a comment) 

13 deviants said Non-Religion: Non-Religious Atheism, Non-religious and Non-theistic agnosticism, Apatheist, non-religious deism or pantheism, Unaffiliated (but possibly spiritual), Anti-theist
9 deviants said Neo-Pagan/ Polytheist/Reconstuctionist Religions: all forms of Wicca, goddess-worship, Church of All Worlds, all forms of pagan or polytheistic Recon, "Hard/Devotional" Polytheism, Stegheria, Feri Tradition, Druidry, Neo-Shamanism, etc
6 deviants said Christian:Catholic, Protestant, Anabaptist, Mormon, JW, other Non-trinitrians, Oneness traditions, Orthodox, Old-Believers, Non-denomination, Evangelical, Liberal, etc
1 deviant said "New" Religions: Scientology, Thelema, Discordianism, Raelism,Unitarian Universalist (who identifies as UU before other beliefs),
No deviants said Muslim: Sunni, Shia, Sufi, Ibadi, Quranist, Progressive, Liberal, etc (Excluding: those listed in the next group, e.g Nation of Islam and Druze are distinct academically, if this offends you then feel free to click "Muslim" it is your identity)
No deviants said Other Abrahamic Religions: Judaism, Samaritanism, Baha'i Faith, Rastafari, Druze, Yazidi, Gnostic, Mandeans, Nation of Islam
No deviants said Indian Religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikh, Meivazhi
No deviants said Asian Religions: Shinto, Confucianism, Taosim, Cao Dai, Shinshukyo, Shenism (Chinese Folk Religions), other Asian Religions
No deviants said Indigenous or Syncretic-Diasporic Religions: Voodoo, Vodun, Santeria, Candomble, Igbo, Yoruba, Other African or African Diasporic, Native American Religions, Aboriginal Religions
No deviants said "Left-Hand" Religions: Temple of Set, LeVeyan Satanist/ Church of Satan, Neo-Luciferian Church, Arcadic Luciferianism, Other Satanism (Theistic or Atheistic), other Luciferianism (Theistic or Atheistic)


:bulletorange: Rules and Regulations :bulletorange:

:bulletpink: I am setting out these rules because they have become necessary. I write about and upload many “controversial” things. I want people to feel safe. If I have an LGBT supportive art piece I do not need those struggling to accept themselves seeing negative hurtful comments.


:bulletblack: These rules apply to all comments on my page, deviations, and journals.
:bulletblack: If you break them you will be given one warning
:bulletblack: If you break them a second time (or leave multiple rule-breaking comments at once) you will be blocked.


:bulletred: Be respectful to people. Seriously just use some common sense.
:bulletred: This is a NO PROSELYTIZING ZONE. Meaning: No attempted conversions. No Preaching. No Harassment for religion views or lack thereof. This rule applies to Christians , Atheists, Pagans and everyone else.
:bulletred: This is an LGBT SAFE ZONE. No gay/bi/trans bashing , no bigoted opinions, do not compare LGBT to pedophiles, do not claim all LGBT where abused.
My deviations and journals are not meant for debates about whether being gay is a sin or if transgender/ nonbinary people exist. If you wish to “debate” such things please take it to the forums.
:bulletred: No insulting of me , someone else who commented , a third person, or a group of people as a whole.
:bulletred: No threatening of me , someone else who commented , a third person, or a group of people as a whole.


:bulletgreen: Please do share thoughts and opinions especially if they are teaching me something new!

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:heart: ~ Michi ~ :heart:

Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

:bulletpink:Pen Name: Michi
:bulletpink:Birthday:January 26 :cake:
:bulletpink:Age: 19 :B
:bulletpink:Race: 50% Dominican , 25% Irish, 25% French :earth:

:bulletpink:Languages: English, Learning Spanish (in college), Learning Japanese (on my own) :blahblah:
:bulletpink:Occupation: University Student :writeexam: by stuck-in-suburbia
:bulletpink:Location: Massachusetts , USA 'MURICA by Serrius07
:bulletpink:Sex: Female
:bulletpink:Gender: Woman
:bulletpink:Sexual Orientation: Gay Gay Pride Flag by Blues-Eyes
:bulletpink:Relationship Status: Taken :heart:
:bulletpink:Religious Views: Eclectic Polytheist
:bulletpink: Political Views: Liberal (Possibly Social Democrat) :shock: by BlissfullySarcastic


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